Can I write fun / esoteric python code here?

just asking if I can post here (probably in Help category) some python code that is funny / convoluted / obfuscated or esoteric… (various adjectives can be given). Something like easter-eggs.

I am lacking this kind of section in this forum…
But I think it can be quite educative.

(Of course unless the code is malicious, but I don’t mean this kind of stuff.)


I don’t know what category would be appropriate, but (until the mods intervene) go for it, I want to see them.

By the way since you like easter eggs check this out GitHub - OrkoHunter/python-easter-eggs: Curated list of all the easter eggs and hidden jokes in Python


The Python help topic is probably the best place.

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Yes, as Paul stated Python Help (#users) is currently our catch-all place for such things, absent a proper #general category (as I’ve advocated in the past, but that’s a separate discussion). I’m not sure how much interest you’ll get, but it can’t hurt to try, I suppose.

it’s out :slight_smile:

I don’t know about doing that on the forums here, but if you have Discord, there’s a Python Discord server (unofficial) that has a channel for esoteric Python. You might enjoy checking that out.

yes, I know of it (on Discord), but it’s more like an instant chat… and I don’t like the ‘fleeting stream’ concept, it’s hard to search within.

Forums are better :wink: . -thanks for this one!

(I know there are even such like: Quora; CodeGolf on StackExchange; and many more articles/blogs on internet;

and Curated list of Easter Eggs (mentioned already);
and Curated list of Python oddities (this should be the more decent name)

and interestingly even official Python documentation / website has some examples! Check out: Is it possible to write obfuscated one-liners in Python? )