CodeHS GUI library?

Hello. Is anyone able to tell me which GUI CodeHS uses for it’s Python Corse? I’ve tried working with Python on Pycharm and have not found what GUI they use. Can anyone help?

It’s not clear exactly what you have in mind when you say “GUI”.

Pycharm is an IDE that you can use locally on your own computer.

CodeHS is an online service. It implements its own sort of IDE, inside the browser. It’s not using a separate program to do this. The website just sends Javascript code (as part of the web page) to your browser, which runs the code, which makes the IDE show up. If you want details on how that works, you’ll need to contact them (assuming they’re interested in telling anyone). Alternately, you could spend some years becoming really good at programming, try to get a job there, and see what you can find out from the inside :wink: