Configure subject line to be trimmer?

As I mentioned in this other thread, I usually consume the python mailing lists on my phone in an e-mail client. Since there’s not much screen real estate, usually threads are distinguished by the first ~40 characters of the subject line, but all discourse threads start with [Discussions on], followed by the tag, so my inbox looks like this:

Is there any way to configure it to drop the [Discussions on] from the global instance? Alternatively, is there any way to customize per-user how that appears, because I’d really like to at least see some of the subject line.

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According to this thread, the subject is configurable by the email subject site setting. I don’t see any equivalent per-user setting.

Which prefix do you suggest? cc @pablogsal @ambv

Maybe just [Python], When Combined with the rest of the subject you get [Python][Committers] ..., although if at all possible, it’d be cool to do something like [Python/Committers] .., but I don’t know what control the setting gives.

I like [Python/Committers] best, though I’d also be fine with just the category, because I filter all the discourse stuff based on the To (and I could also use the Reply-To, I think), so it’s already grouped with other python stuff for me.

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Sadly [Python/Committers] is not possible according to:

The category will always be rendered with surrounding square brackets :frowning:

You could also make it [pydiscuss] or even [py]. The main point being that it needs to be short and recognizable.