Shortening the email subject lines in mailing list mode

I have been (trying to) follow Discourse using the mailing list mode for quite some time now. It works reasonably well for reading up on new topics, but there’s one detail which makes it hard to see what is being discussed, which is caused by the way Discourse seems to build the subject lines.


  • [Discussions on] [Discourse Feedback] Discourse modified my post…
  • [Discussions on] [Committers] Vote to promote…

Since the emails have headers to filter on (List-ID), the whole “[Discussions on]” part of the subject can be removed or at least shortened to just “[Py]”, making it easier to follow the discussions, esp. on devices which cannot easily show such long lines (e.g. mobiles).

Note: This appears to have been discussed in this 2018 thread already, but without any result: Configure subject line to be trimmer?


This should be very easy to fix by removing/replacing the %{site_name} part of the “email subject” setting by one of the admins. See:

Great link, thanks.

Is there a way to ping the @admins ? (looks like this already does the trick :slight_smile:)


Let me know if you need any other changes. Hopefully the people for whom we broke email filters will forgive us.


Thanks for fixing this :slight_smile:

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