Create library cryptography in python

Python has everything, but there are no libraries for encrypting / decrypting data (cryptography)? Why not create this library?

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You mean like this library? There are other crypto related libraries, but this is the most high profile.

Like this, yes. How about adding crypthography library to the standard python libraries?

The library is just one “pip install” away. What’s the advantage of adding it to the stdlib?

Some of the disadvantages are that further development is tied to the CPython release cycle (e.g. no new features after a beta release), and that writing good and secure cryptography code is a skill that not many developers have.


Python already has some very basic crypto in the stdlib:

For full cryptography, I expect that it requires too much specialised knowledge, and needs to be updated too often to keep ahead of threats, to suit the Python std lib. But perhaps @dstufft can comment, he is a CPython core developer and a maintainer of the cryptography library.

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