E-mail settings are not respected

I generally consume CPython dev channels through the mailing lists on my phone and do not log in to any websites from my phone for various reasons, so I was excited to learn that I can continue using my existing workflow by consuming Discourse in “mailing list mode”.

I signed up to watch [Committers] and [Core Workflow] and [Packaging], and explicitly muted [Ideas]. Additionally, I do not have the bandwidth to monitor the governance discussions, so I have muted the tag [governance], however, although no one has mentioned me, I seem to have been subscribed to this thread (which is both in Ideas and tagged governance), and I have been getting e-mails from all the governance posts. I have manually clicked the “unsubscribe from this thread” on at least this thread, but I seem to still be getting e-mails from it!

Additionally, I only really want to mute notifications from these things, but now “Ideas” doesn’t even show up in the web interface for me, and when I check the “governance” tag, the “Comparison of the 7 Governance PEPs” post that I unsubscribed from is also missing.

Did I configure my settings incorrectly? Is this a problem with mailing list mode? I’m very excited about the possibility of having a version of the mailing lists where I can easily unsubscribe from entire threads, but the current implementation seems to be a bit rough around the edges.

CC @Supermathie

I think Mailing List Mode is full out no muting or notification settings working. You might instead want to set the categories you care about to Watching, which will set each new topic in those categories to Watching, which should generate emails for all of them like you want.

It should also mean you can unwatch topics, even in categories you’re watching, or watch select topics in categories you’re not watching.

To set the notification status for a category, go to that category, and hit the circle in the top right.

The setting itself seemed to indicate that muted topics and categories will not be included:


Are topics different from tags? Is that why the tag muting feature is being ignored? It also doesn’t explain the one “Ideas” thread that got into my e-mail.

Hm, if I understand this right, it’s somewhat disappointing. I would like to have a whitelist of categories where all posts would be e-mailed to me. I would like to be able to blacklist specific tags and “topics” (I guess that means top-level posts) such that I stop getting notified about them unless I’m specifically mentioned.

I would like all of this to be completely separate from the on-site notifications. I don’t want a notification in the web UI for every post in Committers, and I don’t want “unsubscribe from this on e-mail” to block me from even seeing the thread I’ve unsubscribed from in the web UI.

I’m not sure how to cobble together a good workflow from this :slightly_frowning_face:

Ah, I might be wrong. I haven’t actually used mailing list mode.

One thing to look out for is there is a setting that will auto subscribe you to a certain notification level. If it’s just that one topic then you might just be accidentally triggering that.

I don’t believe there are separate settings for web via mailing list mode though.