Easygui not working correctly with python 3.7

I got a new tablet PC and am trying to use easygui with python 3.7
When I try to import easygui it tells me it is not found.
Here is message


It is necessary to install packages that are not part of the core python.

Not sure why you think you are using python 3.7.
The screen shot cleaty shows you are using python 3.10.1

For a cmd.exe prompt type:

py -m pip install easygui

This should install easygui for you then you can try running your code again.

Please don’t post screenshots or photos of code and error messages it.

Copy and paste the code as text and place it between code fences as explained here:

Where am I suppose to put this?

In python, it doesn’t work, it says “SyntaxError: invalid syntax”

Type the command at the CMD.exe prompt. Not the python prompt.

windows one, right?

Yes the windows CMD.exe.
You can start cmd.exe like this:
Window-key-R cmd.exe ENTER