Python Discourse Quick Start

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Python Discourse Help

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  • Keyboard Shortcuts
    • Found in top right “hamburger” menu or press ?
  • How do I bookmark a message?
    • If one clicks the … icon below a message, it is replaced by a flag :white_flag: and bookmark icons. (The latter looks like a hanging banner, but represents the exposed end of a fabric bookmark.) (Silly to have to do this, but that is another topic.) In any case, click your profile image and the left of the three icons underneath is the bookmark icon. Click that you there is a list of bookmarked messages, with an unbookmark button for each. I am going to like this. I can bookmark messages I might want to respond to after reading the rest of the messages. Attribution: Terry Reedy
  • How do I make Discourse more like a mailing list?
    • Log into your account, go into preferences, enable Mailing List Mode.
  • How do I search?
    • Discourse is perfectly searchable using Google in exactly the same way as Mailman archives. It also has built in search.
  • What are the trust levels?
    • Regular users start at trust level 0. Committers are at trust level 3. There is only one more level and this is for moderators and admins of the instance. This models what we had on the mailing lists, what we have on GitHub, and so on.
  • Can I set push vs. pull parameters?
    • Discourse can be configured to be push or pull based on a personal level. Not only on a personal level, but you can control at at the category (similar to different lists), tag, or individual topic level.
  • Where are the settings to reply and create a new topic?

Discourse Basics

What is Discourse?

Discourse demonstration sandbox

The Demo Sandbox is a place to try out Discourse and its features. Each day the sandbox is wiped clean. This is a good place to experiment.

How are other communities using Discourse?

Note: many of these responses have been posted by other devs. Thanks @dstufft for many tips

Do we want a test category?
Where are the settings?
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Or just press ?

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