Files are not checked in after upload a file to sharepoint using requests/requests_ntlm

Hi ,
I tried to upload file(excel file) to sharepoint using requests/requests_ntlm package.
Files are uploaded to sharepoint, but not checked in state.

import requests
from requests_ntlm import HttpNtlmAuth
session = requests.Session()
session.auth = HttpNtlmAuth('DOMAIN\\username','password', session)

put_url = ''
with open('p:/ccte/_ccte_tat_template.xls','rb') as fin:
    myFile = requests.put('{}/_ccte_tat_template.xls'.format(put_url), 

Even i tried with the header information with the follwoing

my_headers = {
            'accept' : 'application/;odata=verbose',
            'content-type' : 'application/;odata=verbose',
            'odata' : 'verbose',
            'X-RequestForceAuthentication' : 'true'

In both the options files are in checked out stage.
Please let me know how to make these files checked in.