Formally delegate PEP 451 triage for distro-protected names

Hi all. Nearly 4 years ago, @encukou requested that some names be blacklisted on PyPI to avoid conflicts with packages that Fedora was building from sources but were not currently uploading to PyPI (Reserved names for projects in Fedora packages · Issue #355 · pypi/support · GitHub). This was done, and the process for a project that wants to claim its name has been to open PEP 451 issue, ping Petr, and once he confirmed that the requester represented the same project, he would ping Dustin and the name was released when Dustin had the time.

It’s possible Petr’s situation is unique, but it is at least a case where some of the burden has already been delegated. Would it make sense to formalize that with permissions? I’m thinking that with triage rights, a delegate could close a request as being invalid or add a label indicating to the admins that the request has been vetted. Then the process could be: filter open requests by label, check that the delegate that’s signing off has the right to sign off on the package name, do the necessary.

Even if it’s just one person right now, by making this role, other opportunities to authorize triagers might present themselves and help reduce the burden of some classes of support requests.

Full disclosure, I have such a request (PEP 541 Request: gradunwarp (Fedora reservation) · Issue #3455 · pypi/support · GitHub) that I made two months ago and was signed off on after 3 days. So this isn’t a disinterested suggestion, but I hope I’m not being presumptuous. I’m okay if the answer is “No. Wait your turn.”