Gateway with Python mailing lists

Is it time to (re)consider having the discuss ideas/dev/committers mirror python-ideas/dev/committers, and vice versa? It currently feels like the divide between the two, and who frequents which, is growing.

Previous discussion for the committers only sync is here.

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Would it be possible to make the mailing list simply as mirror of Discourse? I kinda prefer we don’t have to discuss the same thing on both mailing list and Discourse. If things initiated on Discourse, then all replies should be on Discourse, and not on the mailing list.

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I envision being something like the arrangement: everything on python-list is sent to; most(?) of the stuff on is accepted to python-list.

The discuss site would be the canonical version, but posts originating on the mailing list would be accepted so long as the criteria for the appropriate discuss group was met (such as the thread still being open).

By having posts show up in both places, we won’t need to have the same conversation in both places, as both will see the same conversation.

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That seems reasonable. If folks know of integrations between the two, please chime in. Thanks Ethan for raising again.