(Łukasz Langa) #1

Thank you to everybody who voiced concern that the originally planned voting schedule of Nov 16 - Nov 30 was rushed. In the interest of ensuring everybody feels included, as well as to allow time for PEP 801x review and clarifications, Barry Warsaw and the other PEP 801x authors [1]_ decided to move the vote by two weeks. Barry opened a PR which I just merged.

Summary of changes:

  • starting Friday, November 16th until December 1st we are entering an official PEP 801x review period. Substantive changes to those PEPs are discouraged, clarifications as the result of the discussion are encouraged.

  • the actual vote will happen on CIVS between December 1st and December 16th.

All details are in PEP 8001 which has been now Accepted and will be marked Final sometime later this week after the dust settles. Please read it carefully.

We are sorry for the late change and any inconvenience this might have caused you. Our foremost concern is to ensure the vote is going to be considered fair, inclusive and legitimate. We hope adjusting the timing helps with that.

One last thing. During the discussion phase, please try to keep discussions on Discourse where they were held until this point. Moderators will be available in this period to help with readability.


… [1] Well, we couldn’t reach Steve who is in Scotland and Jack. We are sorry we couldn’t wait for your opinions but the pressure of time didn’t allow us to do so.

PEP 801x authors, are you on track for the vote between Nov 16 - Nov 30?
Python Governance Electoral System
[OUTDATED] Vote on governance scheduled for Nov 16 - Nov 30
(Brett Cannon) #2

I just wanted to publicly say thanks to @ambv and everyone involved in trying to accommodate this last-minute request and implementing the change.