[OUTDATED] Vote on governance scheduled for Nov 16 - Nov 30

NOTE: This post is a lie. See: GOVERNANCE VOTE SCHEDULE UPDATE: Dec 1 - Dec 16 2018

The voting procedure is described in PEP 8001. I flipped it from “Draft” to “Active” without further changes a few minutes ago. That’s in the interest of giving everybody enough lead time as well as resolving the situation “well before PyCon 2019” as per Guido’s and Carol’s requests.

Please read all the governance PEPs, ask for clarifications, voice all your concerns now. Ideally we will make all of the required changes to the PEPs early and not last minute before the vote.

There were some suggestions on Discourse for changes to the selected model, the biggest being Stefan’s suggestion to encrypt the votes and Donald’s suggestion to use STAR instead of IRV for counting votes. We ended up not going with those suggestions. See Brett’s comment here as to why: