Greetings fellow coders!

Hello everyone!

Happy to be a part of this community!

I’m new to Python but not new to programming… which is funny considering it’s usually the other way around for most people.

The languages I’ve worked with in the past are: PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Visual Basic and AHK. Tried many others but never really enjoyed them or went too deep. I loved PHP though.

My User ID is not because I think “Python Bites” but rather because I got bit by my 6 foot Boa Constrictor today for the first time ever. I’ve owned her since she was a tiny baby more than 7 years ago. Sorry for not taking any pictures. Not sure if such gore would be appreciated here :joy:

Anyway, thanks in advance for any questions you may help me in answering!


Hello, @SnakeBite and welcome to Python Software Foundation Discourse!

We hope you enjoy the discussions here. You might be interested in checking out the following pages:

Also see the discussions in the popular Users category, where many visitors to this site ask and answer questions about Python.

We hope your Python code doesn’t bite you as your Boa Constrictor :snake: did. :grin: However, if that ever happens, and you post the code in order to seek first aid here, please format it so that features such as indentation are displayed properly. One way to do this is to place lines of three back ticks before and after the code, as follows:

# example code
for i in range(10):
    print("Hello World!")

Welcome @SnakeBite! I hope you enjoy Python, and whenever you need guidance, feel free to come with us!