Have new project description for a soon-to-be-not-on-PyPI project?

OK y’all, need some help/ideas.

At pantsbuild.org, version 2.17.0 of our app is the last release for us using PyPI. We’ve upended our distribution process to now do so via GitHub Release assets. This is a net positive for PyPI, since our app being in Python is an implementation detail, and we’re a bad offender of PyPI’s space (we actually asked for a limit increase a while ago. Since then, we’ve been pruning releases like mad. We’re starting to have to prune .a releases!)

Essentially I want to edit the description of our project. I have thumbed through:

so I’m aware that I’m SoL on actually editing the metadata.

But here’s the issue… how do we tell our users that this project wasn’t abandoned? Ideally when you go to pantsbuild.pants · PyPI that description should, very clearly, at the top be like “oh hey digital traveler, we’ve moved our releases! …”.

We can’t upload a 2.17.1, because that doesn’t exist (but will). We could upload another 2.18 prerelease, but it won’t be the landing page’s description.

So I’m here to take ideas.

Uploading a “post” release with a revised readme should work, right?

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Yeah I thought of that. I don’t love the thought of a dedicated, branded, “post” release just for this :sob:

I think all things on the table, We’ll likely just pull the plug on 2.18.x, and have 2.17.1 contain the banner when it’s eventually published.

Well, only a few hours after, someone found a bug. Looks like we’re guaranteed to be publishing a 2.17.1 or a .post1. :astonished:

Does your new distribution method support Windows? I don’t see a binary here Release scie-pants 0.10.0 · pantsbuild/scie-pants · GitHub

No, it’s the same code (more or less) just no longer using PyPI as our benevolent distributor