How to create an exe (with and other codes)

The following are the process

  1. i am converting pdf to .csv using tabula with local host address (web based interface). ( how to convert the .csv into ,xlsx for the next step)
  2. the converted data is processed for deleting the non- numeric rows and blank rows using the code ( file input has been done through file dialog box)
  3. then the missing values of the data ( between the lowest and highest) has been found and appended below the last row of the existing data.

i want to release as this .exe, so that the user just run the application and does all the works automatically, instead of running the codes seperately. How to achive this…

Hi have you tried pyinstaller I know it works for PyQt5 and Tkinter built applications. Though I did this sometimes back hope it its what you looking for and will work…

#converting files to executables
pyinstaller --onefile --noconsole <YOUR_SCRIPT_NAME>
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Thanks. it works.

is it possible to add licensing in terms of either one of them

  1. duration (1 year / 1 month or so )
  2. Login password to run the application
  3. License Key with valid duration
    for running the created .exe
    How to do it.

I’m not a lawyer, but I would expect you can craft any sort of license terms you like. However, this has nothing to do with technological control like login passwords.

You need to think about these things completely separately. There is licensing, which is a legal matter and fairly flexible (talk to a lawyer for details, we’re not lawyers here); and there is technological control, which - if you’re letting them run the program on their own computers - is basically impossible, so all you can actually do is make it more difficult.

Recommendation: Focus on licensing, and don’t try to actually stop people from using something that’s on their own computers. They will find a way around it. Alternatively, don’t let them run it on their own computers - for example, deploy a web app, accessed through a browser and controlled via a login. All your code remains on your own server, where you control it.

Hey great to hear… yeah it is possible but last i check not with pyinstaller you will have to use other software like inno…, something can’t recall the name vividly… but yeah to compile the app and make it commercial kind of… but python has a way you can simulate licensing… you can put like a timer to track the first time the app stores data , now from there a countdown will start running if a period(month or year) elapses then disable all the fields or buttons(make it inactive lol)… so after you can be sending a key to activate… this is just an overview you can think on those terms… bear in mind (“scripting or developing becomes is not what I thought when you start implementing and then you give up lol cause its overwhelming”)… but recall is it economically feasible
2. for login passwd its just incoroprating a sqlite DB to your app… find a way to store the passowrd and logic to run the app, ensuring the input fields sanitize input before storing data in DB… also it just came to my mind the passwd to run is it the user password or some key for lack of a better word you want any user to have to run the app…

Yeah Chris has just said what I was planning to write … yeah a web app like Django would be great… but check on economic feasibilty… its not easy to create a secure and closed app… look at Windows… so have a plan first of what you want and expect… guys are so witty out here they will find a way to use it for free… Like for me I dont use genuine windows

Thanks @Rosuav @kyle for your detailed insights on licensing. Not aware of this stuff earlier.
As for as web deployement, it is not economically viable for me at this stage.

You may be interested to see some of the incredibly inexpensive options. I host a web app and its associated database on Heroku for $10/month (five for the app, five for the DB), and there are other options even cheaper if your needs are slim. But if that’s not worth it, just accept that software piracy is going to be possible, but that copyright law is on your side.

Hey we gotchu anytime… on that note you can try render its so easy to set up and free like free for the first 3 months no hidden charges which will be more than enough for testing purposes. and the best part part is this hoping you know domain names… if you use their domain name you don’t pay for web app, the only thing you are paying for will the DB and that is after the 3 months and its at $7 per month way cheaper than Heroku as @Rosuav has said. if you app is viable you can now lobby maybe you look for the $4 and your client pays $3 until it gets to its feet, then a client might find it worthy to pay for the monthy $7… so in the long run now you don’t pay, just focusing on improving the app and much later you upgrade to faster package… cheers

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Hey chris is your web app django based?

Flask, but you could also use Django. If you specifically mean the one I mentioned, it’s this app:

@kyle, Thank you. will checkout.