How to make an addition operetion using f-strings?

You’re onto something, @steven.daprano, and I think I found the issue; I pasted the OP code into Brython and got a syntax error.

OP code:

n1 = input(“First number:”)
n2 = input(“Second number:”)
f"The result is {n1}+{n2}"

Code from your post:

n1 = input("First number:")
n2 = input("Second number:")
f"The result is {n1}+{n2}"

The OP code has slanted double quotes. Your quotes are vertical. The code formatter coloring discloses it (at least on Discourse Mobile).

So the problem is either in an interpreter or the editor used by the OP.

@Airaneon, what editor and interpreter are you running?

P.S. This is why you should ALWAYS paste the error message (as text, not a screenshot) and use the code formatting controls shown HERE and HERE.