How to propose new specs

I have to admit I never really understand how this process works. Should I submit a PR now, or after the PEP is accepted? What if the PEP is eventually rejected or withdrawn? I can’t find any write-up about the what to do exactly, and there doesn’t seem to be any precedents as far as I know.

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I have to say, that documentation wasn’t familiar to me (I wasn’t even aware that was a site with usable content!) We probably need to better publicise PyPA processes and standards…

(BTW, that document needs updating as it says that discussions should go to distutils-sig. But I can’t immediately see where to submit PRs for that content…)

@pf_moore You submit changes at .

According to Updating PEP 376; making RECORD optional in installed .dist-info, it seems like the PR for PyPA specification should be sent to pypa/ The page linked above should probably be updated to include this information.

I’ll try to find some time and send a PR later this week if someone doesn’t do it first.

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I’ve now merged @uranusjr’s – does any work remain to resolve the question you started this thread with, Tzu-ping? Thanks!

No, the PR covers everything I had in mind.

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