How would I get fetch a specific currency from an exchange?

Hi, I wrote a few pieces of code to first connect to my api and then to display my balance (I’ve blocked out the password and api keys). I imported the first module and when I ran it, it worked! Here is the code:

Here is the first module named dontshare_config001 Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Here is the second piece of code: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

This works well but it fetches all the currency balances. I’d like to simply fetch the balance for say bitcoin or USD. How would I go about doing this?

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Which API are you using to fetch currency balances? Do you have a link to the documentation? Does that API offer a function to get a single currency? What do the docs say?

Thanks for responding. I am very new to coding and so many of my questions will be very dumb. I have actually figured out how to do it!

However, I have a few questions. I originally connected to kraken like this:

kraken = ccxt.kraken ({
        'enableRateLimit': True,
        'apiKey': dontshare_config001.apikey,
        'secret': dontshare_config001.privatekey,

However, my working solution connected like this:

import krakenex

api_key = 'My_API_Key'
api_secret = 'My_API_Secret'

client = krakenex.API(api_key, api_secret)

Are they different api’s? Could you explain to me a little more about the whole process? coding is quite hard to get into and I find that I’ve been given a lot of instructions without much understanding behind the instructions, I understand that it’s probably too basic for most coders. I am learning very fast and I do want to learn it thoroughly and so I need to ask these stupid questions.

Finally, is the documentation you mention the documentation on Github? Would that explain the difference between the API’s?

Thanks again for your patience.