I cannot find the pinned help topic about posting code

There is a helpful pinned topic explaining how to post code with the pre-formatted text option.
But when I browser from the categories page that pinned topic is not showing for me.

Is it supposed to?
If so where does it show up?

It’s About the Python Help category

See also Pinned Topic -- How Do We Always Keep it Pinned? - feature - Discourse Meta. Basically, for Discourse, a “pinned topic” is something you should read at least once. When you’ve read it, it becomes unpinned for you and starts to go down the list of latest topics as new topics are created. (To get a list of pinned topics, search for in:pinned with the search button.)

Thanks for explaing how it works, especially the in:pinned good to know.

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You can also use the pushpin button (it’s not just a random decoration) before the thread title to keep it pinned for you (at least, it works for me).

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Oh that is nice!