Identify object on webpage using selenium

Hello programmers

I am currently working on a way to automate data collection from the webpage “History - All rankings, starters, stages, jersey wearers, stage winner on the Tour de France” . My idea is to use selenium. However i have great difficulty identifying objects on this page and interacting with them. Im not familiar with htlm, but am able to open til source code and identify the specific code snippet for different objects. However i cant get it to work using selenium.

Does anyone have experience with selenium and webpage automatization that can help

Thank you


Typically you look for html tags that have an id attribute or a class attribute that allows you to get close to the information you are after.
Once you are close you can work down the elements until you get to what you are after.
But the page may not be structured to make this easy.

Also you may be breaking the terms of use of the website.
Many news site to an allow scraping in their terms and conditions.