Need help contacting a selenium web scraping developer

Hi. This is Luis from Mexico.

I have a web automation bot script which I run using Firefox/Selenium that I want to upgrade.

IA opinion:

To achieve the mentioned objectives, the robot must be programmed appropriately. Here are some suggestions for each objective:Objective one: Work continuously for 12 hours.Ensure the robot is configured to start automatically at 10:45 AM and finish at 10:45 PM.Objective two: Complete each command cycle more quickly.Implement an automatic reset mechanism for the robot after 12 hours of continuous activity, allowing it to work without interruptions.Optimize the robot’s code to reduce the execution time of each command cycle.Use efficient programming techniques and optimized algorithms to speed up the tasks the robot needs to perform.Consider employing parallelization or task distribution techniques to make the most of available resources and accelerate processing.Objective three: Click on accept and/or close in all pop-up windows.Implement a function in the robot that automatically detects pop-up windows and handles them according to the desired actions (accept or close).Use UI automation techniques to interact with pop-up windows and perform necessary actions.Ensure the robot is configured to handle different types of pop-up windows and can adapt to changes in the user interface.Remember that the implementation of these objectives depends on the specific environment and tools you are using to develop the robot.

How can I contact the right programmer?

To be clear, are you trying to hire someone to do a job for you? I don’t think this forum is an appropriate place for that.

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Yes; please keep in mind this is a Python help forum, not a job advertisement board. Thanks.