Just a question about the book "Learning Python 5th Edition"

Hey guys, names Gravity0, I’ve had my eye on this book (here’s the link) Learning Python: Powerful Object-Oriented Programming: Lutz, Mark: 9781449355739: Books - Amazon.ca and I was wondering if it’s still good. It seems to have lots of python 2.7 which I don’t care about, but it also covers python 3. It is an older version of python and that’s what I want to know. Is the book still good if it’s in python 3.3? My question may seem silly, but I really want to know if it’s a good purchase. Python expert answers are preferred.

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“Learning Python” by Mark Lutz is very good value, even if it is a little old.

90% of what you learn about Python 2.7 will still apply to Python 3, although there may be a few changes.

95% of what you learn about Python 3.3 will still apply to Python 3.10.

Obviously any new features in Python 3.4 onwards will not be covered, but the older features haven’t changed that much.

But please don’t buy from Amazon if you can avoid it.


Hey I was just wondering if you could suggest any books for learning Python 3.10. It will really helpful for me as I am a beginner. Thank you

Ok, good, I’m going to get it and not from amazon. That’s all I needed to know, is if it was still good. If 95% is still applicable I may as well get it. Thanks.

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As you work through the Learning Python book, you may benefit by periodically consulting the document, Porting Python 2 Code to Python 3, when viewing Python 2.7 code.

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Also see What’s New in Python, regarding differences between versions of Python.