Learning Python by myself in Japan

Hi everyone.

I am learning Python by myself. I live in Japan.

I’m working full time, and can’t really afford classes. I’ve gotten far enough where I can make some fun little programs, but my background is biochemistry, so I might have some questions.

I heard that the python community is really kind, so I hope I can ask some of my questions here.

Thank you for reading!

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Hello, @Commune, and welcome to Python Software Foundation Discourse!

We hope you enjoy learning Python and find the discussions here to be helpful. Perhaps Python can be useful in your work.

To learn more about this forum, you might be interested in taking a look at the following pages:

If, when asking questions or offering replies, you decide to post code within these discussions, please format it correctly for display, so that important details such as indentation are rendered properly. One way to perform this formatting is to place lines of three back ticks before and after the code, as follows:

# example code
for i in range(10):
    print("Hello World!")

As shown above, you may optionally place a python label at the end of the first line of back ticks.

There is also a </> button at the top of the editing window for formatting code. First select the code, then click the button.

Hello Loki. I’m an intermediate Pythonista/Pythonicator and am in Osaka for a couple of months. Where in Japan are you?


@Commune, did you see my reply on 22 May?

@mlgtechuser hey! Just got back to you. Sorry I didn’t see it before. Sent you an email. Hope you’re enjoying Japan!

@Quercus thank you for the welcome

Thanks to the kindness of the forum, I was able to pass the exam. Good teamwork! Lol