More reaction options?

Sometimes I appreciate a post but the :heart: doesn’t feel right and I’d like to :+1: but that’s not available and I end up doing nothing. Sad.

How about adding some more options? There’s an official Discourse plugin for that:


I just treat :heart: like a :+1:, particularly if I agree (eg to some
comment on one of my posts) but have no salient further commentry.

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What if you disagree? That might be where I’d use :+1: most. When I want to acknowledge a good argument or effort, but disagree with the goal or significance of the argument and don’t want to endorse it. A :heart: feels too strong then.

But no one will ever interpret it that way :joy:

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Yes, I’ve been in this situation as well. And I would rather use :+1: to
indicate, um, approval instead of a :heart:.

OTOH, I’m very -1 on a :-1:. Too easy to abuse.


So you’re meta-:-1:


In that I think having a lot of available reactions is a can of worms leading to a rabbit hole to a pit of darkness. In particular I’m against negative reactions. I think the only way to keep a forum welcoming is for disagreement to be explained clearly and, ideally, dispassionately instead of being an opaque button click.