New to Python-Non Technical Background

Hello everyone.

I am very new beginner in Python (2 days) and a much late starter (in my 40s) with no previous coding knowledge. I have 17+ years business/project development experience in different industries across verticals and markets, though. My goal is to leverage my domain knowledge along with Python Learning to break into the Data Anaysis field. I would appreciate any advice/suggestions on how to proceed the right way. Any direct tutorship or mentorship will also be gratefully received. Please ignore the preceding sentence if it goes against forum and/or member rules.

Thank you for your support and having me here. Wish all of you a great day and weekend.

Hi and welcome to our community.

Some knowledge of at least the basics of computer science and some fundamentals of computer programming would help, but a lack of such is no a real show-stopper.

The only way to learn is to have at it: think of a basic task to code, such as, say a temperature conversion program, then gather what you need to perform such a task.

You’ll find that most programs will require the use of fundamental building blocks: variables such as integers, strings, floating and fixed point numbers, as well as a way to manipulate and display them. Also a way of getting external data, either as input from the user of your application or from a stored source.

There are many websites that offer all sorts of tutorials, some better than others, but it’s down to you to develop your skills in a way that will keep you motivated.

Start with simple terminal input and output before trying to build a GUI app, as the fundamentals behind each is the same; it’s just a whole other level when you move into GUI apps.

I love coding and use it satisfy my creative side: coding is an art form.

This would not be the worse place to start (IMHO):

No need (again IMHO) to have any ‘paid for’ content, at least until you’re good on the basics, if ever.

Hi Rob.

Thanks for your warm welcome and insights for the way forward. Like I said, I am a non-technical beginner and still going through the basics of python. I haven’t coded before but I do like problem solving, so I do hope to build up to an appreciation for coding to the level that you clearly have.

Thank you for the IMHO suggest, would look it up immediately.

Thank again for your suggestions and for taking the time to reply to my request.

Have a good weekend.

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