Opening Anaconda or Python

I am new to Python and Anaconda. I loaded the program onto my computer but when I attempt to open the platform, it goes to a screen that states: modify, Repair, or install. When I click on Modify or Repair, it looks like it loads, it says modify or Repair was successful and feel free to post at, which brought me here, or I can click “close” and it goes back to python file.
How do I actually open the file and go to Anaconda or Python?

That’s the installer. All it does is install the software.

There isn’t an IDE as such, although there is IDLE, which you should be able to find on the Start Menu under Python (assuming you’re using Windows).

There are a number of 3rd-party editors available that you can use when working with Python, or you can use Visual Studio Code from Microsoft.

The programs you download from, are installers. For example, python-3.12.0b4-amd64.exe installs the 3.12.0a4 version of python.exe in the location you specify. You then have to run python.exe. On Windows, open the start menu (lower left corner of desktop) and find the Python 3.12 folder. Open it, and click one of the icons.

Thank you for your help. I went to the start menu and typed in Python 3.12, I got a command prompt for 3.11.4 which is the Python I downloaded but it waiting for a command. Is this correct? I did not get any icons.
Gary T. Payne

@tjreedy was talking about the icons in the Start Menu under Python.

Yes, you get interactive python. To run a file, enter py <filename> in Command Prompt. (Assuming this is only python installed.)