Packaging Summit at PyCon US 2022

Hi everyone! Next month at the PyCon US 2022 conference we’ll hold a half a day packaging summit. The talking points of the summit will be decided later on with the help of participants that sign up and the sign up is now open, find out more information here PyCon 2022 - Packaging Summit

If you’ll be at the conference (this will be mostly in person) and would like to discuss anything related to Python packaging make sure to sign up before the deadline closes on 31st March. Thanks!


Is there any option to participate remotely? I’d love to attend but I won’t be able to get to PyCon.


We had this discussion fairly early and decided that no, making the summit would make organizing and hosting much harder. The goal of the summit is to provide a platform for those who will be already at the conference, for online/remote discussion this forum will continue serving as the primary platform.

OK, fair enough :frowning:

We could try to do our own thing remotely on Discord or something, Paul.


The topic submission form is now live, and all are welcome to propose topics, including folks who are unable to attend in person. We look forward to your ideas!

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I expect that we’d have a decent amount of activity on the PyPA Discord, during the PyCon US sprints. :slight_smile:

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I had at least one person reach out to me who applied and was accepted but didn’t get the email, despite me confirming it was on the list that was sent out. Everyone should have heard something; if you applied and either didn’t hear anything or got accepted, could you let us know here so we can confirm if this is a wider issue? Thanks!

I found the confirmation email in my spam folder. lt was from an unrecognized address and had the title “Confirmation and topic proposal for the Python Packaging Summit 2022!”.

Oh, since I sent them using the Send button on Google Forms, I assumed it would send from some Google Forms address, not one of my old personal gmails (that I never use in official correspondence)—how embarrassing. Also, given it was sent by Google, from a Gmail, to a Gmail, I assumed there wouldn’t be any problem with spam filters, but evidently that assumption was incorrect. I’ll send another formal confirmation out to people from one of my actual emails.

EDIT: Sent

(I wouldn’t have thought that that’s a personal email, personally.)

Apologies @CAM-Gerlach. I did not realize it was your address. I edited my comment.

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No worries; I was mostly concerned about spam harvesting bots and general embarrassment at having used one of my >decade old Gmails rather than my public-facing CAM.Gerlach (at) Gerlach.CAM.

Yeah, it wasn’t meant to be well over a decade ago when I created it, but since I never really had a true “personal” email, that effectively became my main one at the time.

We have now published the schedule of the summit under PyCon 2022 - Packaging Summit. We left 2-3 slots open for topics brought on the day, so if you haven’t submitted yet make sure you bring a lighting talk proposal on the day (in form of a few slides introducing the problem and - if possible - your proposed solution). We’ll take notes of the summit (in real-time) under Python Packaging Summit - PyCon US 2022 - HackMD.

looking forward


This seems really interesting! This is my first time at PyCon, and being clueless about what to sign up for I didn’t know about this for now. I’m also not a packaging dev, just a dev using packaging. Is there still an option to attend as an observer?

Hello, and nice to meet you. Observers are not guaranteed attendance for capacity reasons, you can show up on the day though and there might be space available in the room.

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The summit has now concluded, you can find the written report on Python Packaging Summit - PyCon US 2022 - HackMD


Slide links don’t work

Yeah sadly no one provided their side links yet :joy:

All slides have been now attached (where the slides are not present there wasn’t any presentation material used). Thanks for everyone the participation and hope you all enjoyed participating (and reading online the summary for those not able to make it in person). All the best!