Pas de distutils dans Python 3.12.1?

PS C:\Users\marcian1\Documents\NOKIA\Training\Python\dlib-19.24> python install
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:\Users\marcian1\Documents\NOKIA\Training\Python\dlib-19.24\”, line 39, in
from distutils import log

Bienvenu !

Il n’y a plus de distutils dans Python 3.12, et c’était annoncé il y a longtemps.

PS. This forum is generally in English and this topic should be moved to Python Help [happened now]; the Packaging category is not intended for installation problems.

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Indeed, distutils has been removed from the standard library as noted in the Python 3.12 changelog. However, it is still provided by setuptools.

You are using python install, which is deprecated and will not enable the use of setuptools’ distutils shim. Never do that. See the link for information on how to replace python invocations (TLDR: for python install, use pip install . instead).

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