Problem installing python

Hi, I can not install python py version in windows 10. It appear: Type help, copyright, credits or license. >>>
I would be really grateful if someone could help me.

What exactly have you installed?
Where did you get the installer from?
Are you saying that typing py does not work or that typing python does not work?
You seem to be saying that you do see the >>> prompt, please confirm.

Hi, python 3.12 (64 bits) from python website.
I have created a folder from brackets (py extension) and python can not open it.
The version of python does not allow me to write some codes.
Sorry if the explanation is not very detailed. I´m new coding.

Python is a program that runs python code it is not an editor. There is a tool called IDLE that is such a tool that was installed that can allow you to write code and run it.
You should be able to find IDLE from a search in the start menu.

To see the python program run and prompt you do this In a CMD window:


Ok thanks a lot. I’ll check it out.

There is nothing wrong with the installation. This result can only happen because it is properly installed.

What did you expect to happen instead, and why?