Proposal: Create "Bug Triage" team on GitHub

No problem, thanks for the clarification. Based on the name and my impression so far of the current triagers, I had thought they were more focused on prioritizing individuals issues and on the submission of the patches themselves rather than reviewing PRs. I have not yet seen too many triagers in the PRs of others on github assigning labels, but that might just be because the role is quite new and there’s not too many of them yet.

As someone who has recently taken a particular interest in the code reviews specifically, what would it take to become a triager? Also what is the expected experience level of the role? I’ve come to understand that the core developers should be reserved to the veterans of the Python community, who have had significant involvement across hundreds of topics in their respective areas.

Edit: I’m not at all suggesting to be on the immediate list of candidates since I’m still new to the Python dev community (had my first commit in June). I just wanted to get a rough idea of the expected experience for a triager so that I had a goal to work towards.