PyCon US Packaging Mini-Summit 2019

(Paul Ganssle) #1

Last year at PyCon US, we had a “packaging mini-summit” to take advantage of the fact that many of us would be in the same room and try to get us all on the same page. I think that would also be a good idea for this year, and I’m wondering if maybe now is a good time to get started planning it.

Last year a decent chunk of the meeting was devoted to planning the agenda itself, should we maybe start getting the agenda-planning out of the way now, so that we can maybe figure out how much time we want to budget for the whole thing and how we want to structure it (working groups? Everyone in a big room like last time?).

Regarding attendance - here is an editable Google spreadsheet that we can use to track who is going to attend. We can switch it over to something else like a wiki later if that’s preferable.

In this thread, can we gather ideas of topics that should be covered during the discussion?

(Pradyun Gedam) #2

On a slightly tangential note, I think we should also put up the summary of whatever discussion takes place at the Mini-Summit somewhere, for people who aren’t attending the conference. (like me last year and not this year, hopefully).

(Paul Ganssle) #3

That’s actually on me - I have the notes from the meeting and never typed them up :frowning: I’m thinking I should post something soon-ish with the old agenda so that we can start building a new agenda from it, but it’s been a while so next year whoever does it should either be someone more responsible or a version of me that has learned his lesson about writing things up while they are still fresh.

(Petr Viktorin) #4

I’m not quite a member of PyPA, but I will be around if you want to discuss integration in Linux distros (Fedora in particular), as an example of a larger project PyPA tools should(?) be easy to integrate with.