PyCon US Packaging Mini-Summit 2019

Not sure where to post this, but just wanted to chime in to say I’d be interested in seeing notes for this summit. Spack has come up a few times in Python packaging discussions of late, and while we have a lot going on over here in HPC-land, I’m trying to track the happenings of the Python packaging world as well.

So did anyone take notes?

The initial meet up is tomorrow and I expect majority of the discussion will happen during the sprints.

No promises but I’m fairly sure one of us will take notes and post it publicly.

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I’m planning to stay for that first day of sprints… I’m not part of PyPA, but I’m interested in listening to the discussion; I’d be happy to take minutes for it, if everybody’s ok with that.


I posted a meet and greet for tomorrow, Friday, at 10, after the keynote. Room 10.


Great! Thanks @msarahan!

In addition to whatever open spaces we do during the conference, let’s lock in 10 AM Monday for the “Mini-Summit”. Duration TBD, but I’d say 90-120 minutes.

I suggest that we divide up some tasks at the mini-summit and try and make progress in smaller working groups (for those of us interested in sprinting on the things we discussed), then re-convene Tuesday morning for brief presentations (probably no slides, since I don’t think there will be projectors and I don’t want to try and get AV support).

Sounds like a plan?


Will this be part of the Packaging Sprints scheduled for room 26B?

Some people have suggested that 10 AM might not be the best time because people will want to get their contributors started first thing in the morning. Is 11 AM late enough? @njs I think maybe you mentioned this?

@lukpueh: Yep.

Let’s call it 10:30, the room needs set anyway. Room 26C is allocated.

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Hi - we have decided on 11am and are still picking a room.

Outside 26C is the consensus

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The meeting is later today. Here are the suggested topics.

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I am scribing notes to a google doc from the summit at


Lunch is 12:30pm-1:30pm in Grand Ballroom A, so we will break for lunch then, and then come back for another maybe 60 min of discussion.

Bummed I can’t be there – I made a few comments – keep Spack in mind. We are trying to solve many of the same problems.

@EWDurbin took pictures of the large post its, that were used to note down points during the summit. He has helpfully tweeted those and I’ll drop a link to the thread here before I lose track of it.

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I was confused by what you meant with “large post-its” until I saw Ernest’s(?) leg in the second photo… Large alright.


FTR - I’ve made a copy of the Google Doc as it stands right now, just in case some bad actor comes in and clears it out for some reason (yea, we have history there etc but redundancy doesn’t hurt).

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I’ve been asking folks about action items and moving notes to more permanent threads/issues. Followup threads:

Briefly discussed: @scopatz’s proposal on a mechanism to upload wheels for other packages (am following up to figure out where that discussion will happen).

And there were a few other discussion items where the actions are now already done (e.g., documenting BDFL delegation).