Pygame problems with 3.12.2 version

I was working with pygame using python version 3.12.2 in Jupyter notebook. It initialises properly but when I try to display any window, 3.12.2 kernel crashes with this message:

The Kernel crashed while executing code in the current cell or a previous cell. Please review the code in the cell(s) to identify a possible cause of the failure. Click here for more info. View Jupyter log for further details.

I tried to solve it using the references they gave but it didn’t help. I don’t know if this is specifically due to the version or if it is a general problem. Please help

I’ve never used Jupyter but from what I know in order to use anything in Jupyter the package in question must support it. I know that e.g. Pandas, Matplotlib, and Sympy say in their documentation that they support Jupyter outputs. However I haven’t meet with a similar statement in Pygame documentation :frowning:

Me neither. There’s an effort, or a Github issue at least, for PyGame to support Pyodide