PyPI User Feedback

The PSF is interested in improving PyPI functionalities and features given its importance in the Python ecosystem. We are researching features that would improve user experience for all users of the service. The first step in this process will be to understand the current roadblocks and difficulties that organizations and community projects face when using PyPI.

In order to build a sustainable PyPI, we are initially considering building features that solve problems for teams using the service. These paid features for corporate users will be provided to community projects at no cost.

Thus, we would like to invite organizations and large Python community projects to express their interest in supporting the development of new PyPI features by providing their use cases and hindrances using the service as a team. The feedback process will be carried out in these steps-

  1. Users fills in this form to express their interest
  2. PSF sets up individual meeting with companies and projects to garner feedback
  3. PSF collects feedback from the Python community
  4. PSF collates the feedback to prioritize the most impactful features to build
  5. Additional outreach as necessary to validate our findings.

Please fill in the form to express your interest in developing paid PyPI features and to share feedback. Please fill this form only if you are representing an organization or project. We will collect feedback from individual users separately.

Please fill the form by Oct. 29. Please share this post with anyone who might have feedback to share.


(This post has been getting a bunch of content-free replies from first-time posters, like “very good” and nothing else. Anyone know why? The spam filter has been mostly catching them, but it’s odd.)

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This might be because the call to action banner obscures the search field on for Firefox users when viewing any package. This could lead more people to this post who think a response is required, rather than optional.

Tested on Windows and Linux, Firefox versions 92.0 and 93.0.


Yeah, that’s not ideal - banners like that should not obscure regular parts of a page, preferably sit “above” them. Fortunately on the main PyPi page it doesn’t cover the search box, looks like just once you drill down. But… there’s been a whole spate of largely content-free replies all over the internet - it’s endemic on LinkedIn, certainly. I’m assuming people have gotten conditioned that you get [something] from number of responses. I’m just speculating, I’m sure there are people who follow this kind of stuff who have more inputs.

I actually revisited for the same banner reason :smile:

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Apparently not any more :frowning:


Confused newbies don’t rank high as “spam” by Akismet but I removed the irrelevant posts either way.

Can someone clarify what “represent” means in this context? I don’t “represent” my employer in a formal sense, and definitely not in the sense of being able to make purchasing decisions, but I do work there (obviously) and I usually sort of know what we need and how we’re using PyPi.

Someone who can summarize issues faced by the company and share feedback about what the company would like to see in terms of new features. Ideally, we would like to contact this person to gather further feedback.