Python 3.x script to earlier versions of Python

As title, is there a way to convert a script made with python 3.x to an earlier version of Python for backward compatibility with older systems (i.e., Windows 7)? Some kind of compiler made just for this?

Thanks in advance.

There are automatic tools to go back to py2 - it always been porting to py3 that was the need.

You will need to manually edit the code to be py2/py3 compatible.
Using the six modules help easy the pain.
Also the from __future__ import that is in py2 gives you syntax and behaviour that helps.

3to2 may give a pretty good conversion.

Barring that, you might want to create a version that runs on both Python 2 and Python 3, using the tips from Barry.

But 3to2 is probably the thing to try first. It works a bit better than 2to3 did.

Which version are you actually targeting? You don’t need to go as far back as Python 2 for Windows 7 as other replies seem to suggest; I believe 3.8 was the last version to support Windows 7.

That’s probably because nobody maintains a “3.12 to 3.3” translator script.

But then again, nobody’s maintaining 3to2 either, so it’s all a massive roll of the dice anyway.

The most compatible version for windows7.
The first time I tried to learn Python, I used a 2007’s MacBook, and choosing a 2.x version of Python was a mandatory choice. Any others was not compatible at all.
I need to install a python’s script on a 2008 (maybe 2009) laptop. My concern is that the module used in the script (rembg and all its dependencies based on A.I. like onnx and other stuff) could not be compatible with win7…
Any experience?