Python version compatible with Windows XP

Hello All…please help suggest the latest Python version that compatible with Windows XP.
Really thankful.

Should be 3.4.10.

Looks like 3.4.4 is the most recent binary release. 3.4.10 is newer, but you would need to build it yourself.


What do you mean need to build it? thanks

If you don’t know, you probably don’t want to know. It involves getting the source code for Python, finding a version of MS Visual Studio that runs on XP and is compatible with Python 3.4, setting everything up, and then building. Much easier to just accept a slightly older revision (3.4.4 rather than 3.4.10) and foregoing some of the bug fixes and security updates, because, in all probability, anyone who’s running XP in 2022 isn’t going to be using it in any security-sensitive context. Right? Right?


I haven’t checked and verified this, but you might be able to install an older Cygwin release that supports XP and has packages for newer versions of Python 3.4 (2014), or maybe Python 3.5 (2015) – or at least includes the tools that make it easier to build a newer version of Python.

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Please give advice…Let say I install the version 3.4.4…then is there any method on how to install machine learning modules because the computer is not online…thanks

Python 3.4.4 is completely unsupported. So is Windows XP. You’re basically on your own here.

Why not install a basic Linux on the same computer and do your machine learning there instead?

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Our machines runs with windows xp…it means there’s no way to install PIP in windows xp…
How about i convert the .py to .exe using online pc…then save the .exe to windows xp pc and run? Do you think it will work?

Quite frankly, no I don’t think it will work. Get a better system, don’t try to duct-tape things onto an ancient and broken system. It’s 2022. Get rid of Windows XP already.


Gonna be a huge cost needed because there’s plenty of them :frowning:

On the other hand, Windows 7 still be able to install PIP module? thanks

The last version of Python to support Windows 7 is Python3.8, which is still maintained for about two more years.

Here is a thread about installing packages on a computer without internet access.

Find the machine learning modules which still support Windows XP and Python 3.4. They will probably be very old and obsolete.

Download them on a PC with an internet computer.

Copy the libraries onto a USB stick, or a CD-RW or DVD-RW.

Plug the USB stick into your Windows XP box and copy the libraries over.

I think the biggest problem will be finding machine learning software that supports Windows XP. makes most releases of python ever still available. That is not true of pypi. Doing a search for 3.4 on xp, Search results · PyPI
returns 29 packages.

What you might want is numpy, scipy, and scikit_learn, which are available for 3.4 (and not 3.3-)

numpy Archived: Python Extension Packages for Windows - Christoph Gohlke
scipy Archived: Python Extension Packages for Windows - Christoph Gohlke
scikit-learn Archived: Python Extension Packages for Windows - Christoph Gohlke

Aren’t you already paying a huge cost, in terms of not getting any bug fixes, ability to use modern software and not to mention the security risk?

If I remember correctly, and I do, the original poster says that these machines are not connected to the internet. So what security risk are you worried about? People breaking into the office and physically walking off with the computers? I known Windows 11 is big and bloated, but I don’t think it makes the PCs too heavy to lift :slight_smile: