Python events in Finland

A thread for Python events in Finland.


In Turku, we run archipylago where we organize monthly events: meetups, hands-on programming sprints, casual social gatherings and hopefully in the future more. Our events are free, in English and open to everyone regardless of their background or skill level.

Our goal is to bring together everyone interested in Python and provide a warm and welcoming community for them to learn more, to be inspired and to find other people who share their interests.


Our next event is a hands-on coding sprint Saturday 24.2. 12-16 at SparkUp.

More information and registration at Our first sprint in February - archipylago

For this event, we have set up couple of alternatives you can work on to practice testing – or you’re welcome to work on your own stuff either alone or with other people.

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archipylago’s next meetup is coming Thursday 14.3. 18.00 at Taiste’s office.

We have two excellent talks:

Magdalena Stenius - Good-enough SRE for production software projects
During the past couple of years, SRE seems to have become the new hype-word of engineering.
In this talk I’ll walk you through some of the basic themes of it and a practical example of good-enough SRE practices for Wolts personalisation-api service, the central service for multiple models catering to our global user base every day.

Mikko Harju - Implementing and using Rule-based systems in Python
In this talk, we will explore what rule-based systems are, how to use the py-rete as the foundation to create your own rule-based systems and extend the syntax a bit to aid simpler definition of specific rules.

Registration and details: archipylago #3 - March 2024 at Taiste - Meetabit

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The Helsinki Python meetup is restarting -

Please join use for our first meetup of this year will at at Wolt’s HQ on 3rd April.

Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 21, 00100 Helsinki

Our talks for this meet are:

  • Introducing magic-di: elevating Python with dependency injector** by Nikita Zavadin, Software Engineer & Python Competence Lead at Wolt
  • Python at Aiven - Orchestrating operations with Python** by Heikki Nousiainen, Field CTO at Aiven
  • An oral history of bank Python** by Cal Paterson

Please RSVP on


archipylago sprint 13.4. at SparkUp

Our next event is coming up!

Our sprints are hands-on programming events where we gather together to collaborate and learn together. Each month we have a theme and links to guides and tutorials or instructions for how get started in the sprint but eventually it’s all up to individuals and what they want to learn or work on.

This month’s theme is web development and the sprint is an open space to come to learn together about how to build web backends with Python using Django, Flask or FastAPI. We encourage collaborating, asking questions and finding answers.

Read more about the event in our blog at April sprint 13.4.: Web Development - archipylago
And sign up in Meetabit archipylago #4 - April 2024 at SparkUp - Meetabit


Join us for Helsinki Python’s May meet at Zalando’s HQ on the 7th of May at 5:30 PM.

This time we’ll be mixing in some lightning talks. Please get in contact if you have something you’d like to give a lightning talk about.

Please RSVP on

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