Python unknown error - "Python exited with error code: <139>, message:<>"

Hello Team,
We have used pyarrow, pandas libraries to convert csv file into parquet however our main requirement is move files. in s3 and convert them into parquet. once it’s done we are invoking aws Glue indexing/crawlers to get the s3 metadata info. Then Redshift external schema which internally connects through aws Glue to query s3 files data. however we have been facing weird error which we could n’t able to debug the root cause.
Please let me know if anybody have come across this error
" “Python exited with error code: <139>, message:<>”"


Hey Mahesha! My name is Cloovy, I am a 13 year old basic coder in Python, Node.js, and a bit of Html. Enough about me though, let me get to the point.

So, I have done some research and I found out that if you are trying to read/write a file that is currently opened, you may get that error code. To fix it just close the file that you are trying to read/write to, and then run the script again.

I hope this helps! If not, check this post on StackOverFlow I found in the research: python - Process finished with exit code 139 (interrupted by signal 11: SIGSEGV) - Stack Overflow

Anyways, reply to this if you have any other questions. And you might have already fixed it but oh well. Cya!

Unfortunately, with so little information provided about the error and the circumstances (running on your machine? on AWS?), it could be virtually anything—an obscure bug in the interpreter, a bug in a third party package that uses C extensions, a bug in another library, various OS/environment issues, file locking, something with AWS, etc. Assuming you have Python 3.7+, if you run your code with python -X dev -X tracemalloc, you might get some useful information that would help trace the error.

Otherwise, all we have are guesses, especially since I can’t find a ton of useful information about this specific error, though my guess would be its something related to pyarrow since it heavily uses C extensions and external libraries. I’d try asking over there on a pyarrow-relevant forum, providing the output of the above and as much detail as possible about the circumstances of the error. Best of luck!

Thank you so much for detailed information