Script to delete all of my messages as a *regular user*?

Hi. Could someone provide a script that I can run that will delete all threads/posts on a forum that is using the Discourse software like this one is? They allow regular users to delete messages.

First, just because a given forum extends you the technical ability to delete your posts, doesn’t mean that the moderators there will be happy with you deleting all of them, whether or not that’s automated. Automating anything on a website, furthermore, risks annoying the server owners.

Second, hardly anything about this is Python-specific. The important parts have to do with either the Discourse web API (assuming there is a public API) or browser automation.

Third, this is a help and support forum for using Python - not a place to solicit contract work. In general it is not polite to ask strangers on the Internet, anywhere, to “provide a script” for any particular purpose, in any implementation language. This is normally a paid service that is solicited in places that are specifically set up for such job posting. The point of a forum like this is to help you with writing your own Python code; the underlying assumption is that you are trying to learn Python or improve your Python skills, not just get some code for personal use. (If you just want a program or script that can do something useful for you, and you want someone else to make it for you, why should it matter whether it’s written in Python?)