Steering Council nomination: Barry Warsaw (2020 term)

I have had the honor and joy of serving on the inaugural Steering Council, alongside my esteemed colleagues, Brett Cannon, Carol Willing, Guido van Rossum, and Nick Coghlan. We kept ourselves busy with a diverse set of topics, including clearing the PEP backlog, working on community issues, planning for Python 2 EOL, working on a long term vision document, beginning the work to migrate to GitHub Issues, and laying the groundwork for processes and workflows for future Steering Councils. The current Council has had a wonderful working relationship. We have been able to use our diverse backgrounds and differing opinions to come to consensus, always with a singular focus on what we believe is in the best interest for the Python user and developer communities.

Everything that I said in my 2019 self-nomination still applies. I have been a core Python developer since 1994 (in fact, I recently learned that I was the first non-Dutch contributor to CPython), a Python Release Manager, postmaster, and more.

My primary motivation for wanting to continue to serve on the Steering Council is to continue to give back to Python a small portion of what it’s given me. The language and the community are the best in the world, and my own life would be unimaginably different without Python. I would be honored to have the opportunity to continue to help guide Python so that it remains vibrant, inclusive, productive, collaborative, and fun for another 25 years.