Steering Council nomination: Barry Warsaw (2021 term)

Once again, I am self-nominating for the honor and joy of serving on the 2021 edition of the Python Steering Council. I have served on the first and second steering councils, and have had a fantastic working relationship with all the former and current members.

This past year the SC has dealt with technical PEP decisions, long term vision and funding initiatives, and Code of Conduct violations. I am immensely proud of the respect and balancing of difficult issues, especially when handling the CoC violations. The continued health and vibrancy of the Python community has always been top of mind for us.

Please follow the links above for further discussion about my background. I’ve written a longer blog post about my experience on the first two Steering Councils, and will follow up here with a link soon. I would be honored for another chance to give back to the language and community that has given me so much since I first fell in love with Python back in 1994.