Steering Council Nomination: Thomas Wouters (2024 term)

I’m once again nominating myself for the Steering Council (2024 term).

The usual recap:

  • I’ve been a core developer since 2000.
  • I’ve served on the SC since 2020 (my previous self-nominations: 2020 , 2021 , 2022, 2023.
  • I’m the Release Manager for Python 3.12 and 3.13.
  • I served previously on the PSF Board of Directors, and as the PSF’s interim manager.
  • I work at Google on the (internal) Python team.
  • I’m a denizen (as Yhg1s ) of the #python IRC channel on Libera .
  • I also exist on Mastodon as .

Last year I listed a few things I considered priorities: funding for the Developer-in-Residence program, Code of Conduct enforcement, and communication and openness. Funding for the DiR program has gone well, and I expect the expansion of it will start showing dividends over the next year. The original plan from the first Steering Council (which I was not on) was to hire three developers, and I think that’s still a good target for the next couple of years. We want this to be sustainable and reliable, and so not to grow too fast. Code of Conduct enforcement has required some of the SC’s attention, but I think it went reasonably well. Openness and communication continues to be a struggle, and I believe the next SC should take Guido’s suggestion and hire someone to take notes during the meetings, to help out with that. (The current SC decided not to set that in motion so shortly before the elections.)

Consequently, I would say my priorities for the next year are:

  • Openness and communication, which we have concrete plans for.
  • Continuing funding the Developer-in-Residence program (probably without expanding it beyond the original plans for three developers for the moment) and showing it to be a sustainable program and a robust investment.
  • Improvement on the Conduct side of things, in particular ways to improve everyone’s enjoyment in Core Developer spaces without necessarily relying on the Code of Conduct WG as the backstop (or otherwise negatively impacting Python development). I do not have concrete plans for this, however.

I will also say that I’ve greatly enjoyed serving on the Steering Council this year, and @brettcannon, @emily, @gpshead and @pablogsal are all great people and if they run again for the SC, this year or in the future, you should absolutely vote for them.


Thanks for the hint on CoC. I have obviously disagreed and agreed with you on some matters on this, however, some action on more transparency of CoC and more streamlining on scope with or outside the PSF work group on this would be a good move. Any action on the CoC front honestly would be good. I have watched individual influences, sometimes overshooting mandates, before that have not been as transparent.

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