Stepping down as contact for PowerPC

I no longer have easy access to a PowerPC machine, and won’t be able to reproduce issues for it. I’ll step down as the PEP-11 powerpc64le-unknown-linux-gnu (GCC) contact.
Unless someone else steps up, that will drop powerpc64le to Tier 3, meaning that failures don’t block a release. It will leave @vstinner as the contact for both gcc and clang builds on the architecture.

To be clear, I’ll be happy to help with issues on this and other underrepresented architectures – IMO, that helps CPython’s overall portability. But I won’t be able to fix issues myself.

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I can try to fire up my old PowerPC MacBook for building both on Linux and macOS, if it helps.

If you’d like to test Python on it, go right ahead, but there’s probably not much use in providing official support.

powerpc64le is a different platform. AFAIK, nowadays it’s mainly used in high-end supercomputer clusters. It’s not easy to get access to such a system.


If someone is interested to help maintaining this platform, I can provide them guidance on how to get a development machine running ppc64le. For example, I can provide a SSH access to ppc64le machine operated by Red Hat. Please contact me in private if you are interested.

In my experience, there are only minor differences between x86-64 and ppc64le regarding Python development, so it’s not a big burden to support this platform. For example, one difference is that ppc64le use memory pages of 64 kB instead of 4 kB and some code makes the assumptions that a page is always 4 kB. Or recently, test_gdb failed more often on this platform: gdb is closer to machine code and so more likely to deserve more love to get it working on more platforms.

The main issue is to get access to a ppc64le machine. As I wrote, I can help you for that :wink:


I definitely expect to use your help; you’re a great Contact person for the architecture!

When I signed up I had direct chat to ppc experts. Now, I’d have to go through you, and if you’d be on vacation I couldn’t meet the 24-hour target SLA.

FWIW, I also expect to spend more time on buildbot failures in general, so I might actually pay more attention to ppc than before. Just not as a priority :slight_smile:

test_gdb failed more often on this platform

Yeah, I don’t really consider gdb failures to be breaking the platform.

I’ve sent a PR for the PEP: PEP 11: Move powerpc64le to tier 3 by encukou · Pull Request #3632 · python/peps · GitHub

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