Strip byte string and take only importante values

Hello all…good day…please help on how to strip byte string as below:

input     : b'\x081F304984\x0843501'
output   : 1F304984

thanks a lot

What is the rule that tells you which bytes to take?

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Thanks for the reply…but sorry i dont understand your question…am not expert yet in python…thanks

It is not a python question it is question about your data.
How do you want you data cleaned up?
Remove all bytes that are less then 14? Only allow 1 to 9?

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Hello Barry…

input     : b'\x081F304984\x0843501'
 *this input type is byte*

From the input...i want to take out values as expected below
expected output   : 1F304984   (maybe in type string also fine)

The data is a list of numbers separated by TABs? TAB is 0x08 byte.
Does this work for you?

numbers = input.split()
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(Edited after remark from Chris)

split() doesn’t split on \x08:

>>> input = b'\x081F304984\x0843501'
>>> input.split()

To split on \x08, use:

>>> input.split(b'\x08')
[b'', b'1F304984', b'43501']

Or, if you want to end up with normal str type:

>>> input.decode().split('\x08')
['', '1F304984', '43501']
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split() does split on tabs, but those aren’t tabs, those are backspaces. Tab is 9 :slight_smile:

That’s not the question.
The question is: how do you know that those are the values that should be taken out?
If the output had different values instead, how would you know they are wrong?

Not quite:

>>> b'\t'[0]

8 instead corresponds to a backspace character in ASCII:

>>> b'\b'[0]

which is not used for whitespace splitting.