Trying to make a .exe for my pygame, but I can't open .png in the .exe file

I am trying to make and .exe file for my pygame. I have made one, but it cannot open as it give me this error message:
“Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 14, in
pygame.error: Couldn’t open background.png
[10384] Failed to execute script SIP”

In my code I use
“background = pygame.image.load(‘background.png’)”
and the background.png is in the venv “library root” map in pycharm.

I have seen some who thinks it should help to use os.path but I can’t get that to work either.
Tried it, but got the error
“File: “C:/Users/kaspe/PycharmProjects/BraveNewWorld/Main”, line 20, in
background = pygame.image.load(os.path.join(image_path, ‘background.png’))
pygame.error: Couldn’t open C:/Users/kaspe/PycharmProjects/BraveNewWorld\ressources\images\background.png”

Please help me getting this .exe file to work