Unable to Install Python on my Computer

I tried installing Python on my computer, but keep getting error message of “Setup Failed”. I don’t know what the problem could be. I’m using windows 8 OS and the version of Python i tried installing is 3.11.4 64 bit.
Please i need some clarifications on how to go about this.



I think windows 8 support may be an issue for python 3.11 (but I am not sure).
Try installing python 3.10 and see if that works.

Python Releases for Windows | Python.org only mentions Win 7, so I think it should be fine? But I’m not sure either.

Given that you’re using an OS that is past EOL, I’m guessing that the computer on which you’re running said OS, is not your ‘every day’ general purpose machine? In which case, why not run an OS that is not past its EOL and comes with a Python install as shipped?

Just a thought.

Many people are not interested in, or cannot afford, upgrading hardware and so have quite old “every day, general purpose” machines (not at all a problem if your most common “purpose” is reading email, say) that might not meet requirements for an up-to-date OS. (Also, no version of Windows would come with Python pre-installed, unless they changed that for 11 and somehow nobody thought it was newsworthy enough for me to find out about it.)

Including me.

I’m not suggesting that it does.

Maybe we should wait and see what the OP has to say.

If your most common purpose is “using a web browser” (which is the case for a pretty huge number of people), every layer below the browser becomes largely irrelevant. Although I would personally still use some kind of Linux, but it doesn’t make much real difference in the scheme of things.

I assume you mean a linux OS?

If someone is a long time Windows user with no unix experience that is a challenge.

Less so than you might think, but honestly, mostly irrelevant to the current question.