Video: Learn to Contribute to Core Python (by Carol Willing)

This 1-hour video provides a background on how to contribute to Python, by Carol Willing, who is a core contributor to Core Python.

Video Timestamps

00:00 Data Umbrella Introduction
04:20 Introduction to Carol Willing
05:25 Carol begins talk
08:28 Python Steering Council
10:00 Slides recap
11:41 Kind of contributions needed in Core Python
14:44 Contributing to Data/Scientific projects vs to CPython
20:01 How to start contributing to CPython
23:05 Reasons for contributing to CPython
24:05 CPython Dev Guide
29:23 How to build and test CPython
32:27 Resources to learn about CPython Internals
35:35 Resources for contributing to python
37:10 CPython community
38:21 Getting started with Q&A
38:38 Q: Is it needed to reproduce old bugs against new versions?
40:40 Q: Multiprocessing vs Threading to increase performance
41:19 Q: Does the project have any process to find a mentor?
44:00 Q: Form your viewpoint what is the future of Python?
48:47 Q: What are the efforts of the Python Steering Council to make the community more inclusive?
52:29 Q: What will be the impact of the PEG parser?
54:12 Q: Development time vs. Code performance optimal performance


Python List of Issues

3 Mailing Lists to sign up for to get started with contributing to Python:

About the Speaker

Carol Willing works as a Technical Evangelist for Noteable. She is a member of Python’s Steering Council and a core developer of CPython. She’s a Python Software Foundation Fellow and former Director. In 2019, she was awarded the Frank Willison Award for technical and community contributions to Python. Carol is a long-time contributor and ACM Software Systems award winner for Project Jupyter. She sits on its Steering Council and works as a Core Developer on JupyterHub and She serves as a co-editor of The Journal of Open Source Education (JOSE) and co-authored an open source book, Teaching and Learning with Jupyter. Carol has an MS in Management from MIT and a BSE in Electrical Engineering from Duke University.

GitHub: willingc (Carol Willing) · GitHub


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