When I first visited here, I was wondering if the markup BBcode or reddit style

Even now, it seems that code blocks are pointed out each time
I’m watching it from my smartphone, but I don’t feel like I can get to “it” from the hamburger button
I thought it would be nice to have a guide in an easy-to-understand place. :slight_smile:

sorry! comment window’s background has info
I missed it
close! :confused:

Seems you figured it out, but just FWIW, for anyone else coming across this later, Discourse supports both BBcode (used by most old-style forums) and Markdown (used by most everything else, including Reddit, as well as GitHub, Discord, Slack (mostly), HackMD, website generators and countless others). Markdown is the “primary” language and fully supported, while it supports a common subset of BBcode, as well as a “safe” subset of HTML, too. See this Meta post for more details: