Where's the source for wiki.python.org?

I’m unable to find the source repository for the Python wiki.
Why isn’t it available as an open-source project on GitHub or elsewhere?

It is: https://github.com/moinwiki/moin

See http://moinmo.in/ for more details about the MoinMoin project.

That wasn’t what I meant.
I wanted the source of the website itself, not the backend.
What is to wiki.python.org what github.com/python/cpython is to CPython?

The backend is the source code for the website (barring custom themes and the like). If you’re talking about the infrastructure behind it:

I guess you are asking about the data that you see on the website. It is stored in the database of the MoinMoin software, which is how typically Wiki works.

It is not a static website, it a web application where you can create and edit pages right in the web browser for collaborative editing and sharing.

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Yes. @opensource-assist, if you want access to the source of those pages so you can help contribute to and improve the content on wiki.python.org, please read the “Using this Wiki” section on the front page and take a look at the wiki guidelines. If you want mass read access to the source of all the wiki pages so that you can do some kind of automated analysis or fork it or something like that, I don’t know whether that is easily possible; talk with the pydotorg-www mailing list about what you’re seeking.